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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the rental fee the same for one or several people ?
R: You rent a space, the price is thus the same for one either 6 people.

Q: I want to rent for 4 days only. Is it possible ?
R: This type of rent ( truncated week) is definitly an option for off-peak or average season (Please contact us before booking a 4 days-rental during the high season).

Q: We intend to come by train, what's the best way to come to the holiday cottage?
R: Closest stations are Montélimar, Valence-Ville and Valence-TGV.
If the manager is at home when you come, he'll can pick you up at the station for a small fee (30 €) ( 4 people at most ).
If only his assistant is at home, you'll have to use the bus from Valence or from Montélimar, to Privas which makes a stop by Chomérac.

Q: We are 4 people. Our car is too small for provisions OR we may arrive late OR It's kinda boring to lose some precious holiday time to make provisions...
Is it possible to find some food and drink on arrival ?
R: Please send us by mail a list of your wishes, and we'll pick up all the stuff for you. You'll pay the bill on arrival + 10 € for the service.

Q: My "teenagers" would like to sleep under the tent rather than in a room. It is possible? Is there an appropriate place for camping ? 
R: Up to the hill, You'll find several appropriate places. FYI : 2 tents only AND no campfire, no lighting on gas fire (in Ardèche, it is forbidden to make some fire from June 1st till October 1st), no waste, no noise that may bother the neighborhood. You will have to bring your camping equipment because we don't have any. The number of on-site people (on campsite + in the holiday cottage) may not exceed 6 people.

Q : What to do in Chomérac ?
R: A lot ! Chomérac is a village of about 3000 people, and it's growing steadily. We say that there is always something there. You may:
-Walk up and down the streets of the old village.
-Hike and ride in the hills ( the "Grads" ) or in the plain ( small country roads, "green" lanes...), mountain bike, rock climbing...
-Visit the cave of Tourange which served as a haven during the religions wars.
-Visit the castle in the neighborhood ( châteaux du Bijou, de Mauras, des Bois, de Rochessauve...)
-Play petanque under the hundred-year-old plane trees, near the fountain at the "place du Bosquet".
-Go to the Open Air Cinema every tuesday evening at the open-air theater (in the summertime only),
-Go shopping at the farmers market, "place du Bosquet", every thursday morning.
-Learn about History, Geology, Art (painting from J. Vernet, exposed at the City hall), and yes, there's a lot to see in the area...
-Be lazy, up to our hill, for example. It's a wonderful place crowned by hundred-year-old cedars , natural spot for a picnic, siesta, daydreaming, looking at the stars, painting...

Q : Is there a place for playing pétanque ? Shall we bring our own petanque boules ?
R : The Place du Bosquet, a 5 mn walk from the cottage, is an ideal place, in the shade of the century-old plane tree. Bringing your own petanque boules is not necessary : we can lend you some.

Q : Internet ? Wifi ?
R: The holiday cottage has its own internet box, so you can set up a (free) wifi connection.

Q : What's the use of the tourist tax ?
R : This tax should be dedicated to the " local tourist development ". It is collected for the benefit of the Conurbation of Privas area.

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