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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the rental fee the same for one or several people ?
R: You rent a space, the price is thus the same for one either 6 people.

Q: I want to rent for 4 days only. Is it possible ?
R: This type of rent is definitly an option for off-peak or average season. We only rent week duration in the high-season

Q: We intend to come by train, what's the best way to come to the holiday cottage?
R: Closest stations are Montélimar, Valence-Ville and Valence-TGV.
You'll have to take the bus from Valence or from Montélimar, to Privas which makes a stop by Chomérac.

Q : What to do in Chomérac ?
R: A lot !
-Walk up and down the streets of the old village.
-Hike and ride in the hills (the "Grads") or in the plain ( small country roads, "green" lanes...), mountain bike, rock climbing...
-Visit the cave of Tourange which served as a haven during the religions wars.
-Visit the castle in the neighborhood (châteaux du Bijou, de Mauras, des Bois, de Rochessauve...)
-Play petanque under the hundred-year-old plane trees, near the fountain at the "place du Bosquet".
-Go to the Open Air Cinema every tuesday evening at the open-air theater (in the summertime only),
-Go shopping at the farmers market, "place du Bosquet", every thursday morning.
-Learn about History, Geology, Art (painting from J. Vernet, exposed at the City hall), and yes, there's a lot to see in the area...

Q : Is there a place for playing pétanque ? Shall we bring our own petanque boules ?
R : The Place du Bosquet, a 5 mn walk from the cottage, is an ideal place, in the shade plane trees. Petanque boules are at your disposal at the rental .

Q : Internet ? Wifi ?
R: The holiday cottage has its own internet box, so you can set up a (free) wifi connection.

Q : What's the use of the tourist tax ?
R : This tax should be dedicated to the " local tourist development ". It is collected for the benefit of the Conurbation of Privas area.

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